Thursday, January 2, 2014

DIY Home Sweet Home

Hi Guys! Today I'm going to share my first DIY project for this blog (also my first for this year).

This project  is actually done on the very first day (night to be exact) of January, with my cousin Angela. She came with me at our house just for this. We are really fans of "MyFroggyStuff" in YouTube. It features craft works for dolls, mostly furniture and fancy stuffs your Barbies, Lalaloopsies and cute little dolls can use.

For me, since time began, I am very fond of miniatures. So much for The Sims and scale model houses you see in malls. The history of this came from when we were grade-schoolers. My sister and I will cut out our shoe and cereal boxes and draw, tape, glue cardboard and paper together to make our own dollhouses. It didn't stop there, when outside, we play with sand, soil and stones to build mini towns or even cities (this, we usually do with cousins in Tarlac). It's just awesome! We would play with little pebbles, Legos, plastic toys and even ANTS, for the "citizens" of our cities.

So... as for this activity, I got hyped again because it's been years since I made one.
Since there is scarcely anything left at home to use as materials (school projects season is so over in our family), we had a hard time gathering what we need.

We managed to gather:
Old color markers
Colored Papers
Bond paper
Liquid Glue
Tape (the wide one you use in packages)
Aluminum Foil

We used an old Shoe box as the main frame/base of our dollhouse.
Here are the WIP pictures of our Shoebox House.

Outside View
Opens at the Ceiling - Polly Pocket Style
Here you can see the rooms
The Living Room/ Entertainment Area


The Kitchen
As always, Kitchens are messy
Supper Time!
The Bedrooms

The Bathroom


That's all for now. I gave it to Angela when it was time to go home. Maybe we're not going to finish it after all, because there'll be some time before I can have quality time again with them. And this would go missing or ruined hahaha. (there's this problem with my cousins, they can't seem to keep things/toys in good condition)

So, I'll end it here. As Froggy Stuff likes to say it, "Happy Crafting!"